Day 5: I'll have a number five with a side order of staring couch.

Looks so tasty...some of it. This daily sketchbook project has been very fun so far. It doesn't feel like a burden. I am just forcing myself to draw something everyday. It is kind of like forcing myself to breathe everyday. It feels natural. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. First, that cheeseburger is making me hungry.
    Second, have you ever heard of Marc Johns? Your lamp and chair remind me of some of his work. For example, this one:

  2. To the first, I love hamburgers! I love grilling anything and everything, especially burgers.

    To the second, no, I've never heard of him. Now that I've read your comment and have looked at your link, I'm aware.

    I love the chair! It's almost like I remote viewed that picture and drew it in my note book.

  3. That last part - about the remote drawing the picture - made me laugh. I just thought you should know.
    Maybe it's the image of a remote holding a pencil and drawing a picture. I think it'd look like this little guy:,,15446-1285,00.gif
    Or maybe this one:
    Only it'd be a remote, not a mouse.

    1. haha wow...the last one was a bit on the creepy side.


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