Day 11: A place for dance!

So here is a little something. This was done in all ball point pen. Sometimes people wonder whether or not I use a ruler for my art work. Sometimes I do, but for small straight lines, I find that confidence works just fine. Obviously, I've got some pretty wobbly lines for today's page, but sometimes I can get some pretty straight ones.

My biggest challenge is to get my paper marked with that first line; really, getting the pencil or pen to touch the paper. (It is worse with a pen because it is fairly permanent.) I tend to stare at a blank piece of paper for long periods of time, because have an irrational fear that my first mark may be the line or the squiggle to ruin the whole thing. That simply isn't true. Like many things in life, you can try to prepare all you want, but until you go ahead and jump into it, you're not going to go anywhere.

My best friend Zach sent me a text that was quoting a friend of his, so I'm going to quote Zach quoting Michael: "I should be like Nahshon and jump into the sea before it is even parted, trusting in what God has promised He will do."

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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