Small Press Expo!

I am very lucky to live here at the East Coast. Last weekend, I had a wondrous time at the Baltimore Comic Con and this weekend, we have the Small Press Expo! I am looking forward to meeting new people and doing some networking. 

In preparation for the weekend events, I got myself busy making some business cards. I didn't want to really spend much money on them, so I order only a few. Also, being a quiet introvert, I'm probably not going to walk up to hundreds of people and give them my card. I wanted a square card, so that it would stand out and a QR code would look all nifty and stuff. I personally don't have a smart phone, but these QR codes always looks so neat.

The art on the back of the card is a painting that I did specifically for the card. I wanted to our something on the card that displayed my art style a little. Made the QR code for free here, and created the ABE emblem on MS Paint (Eeek!)

While I was reading the GoMediaZine blog I spotted a sweet promo for these cute little mini cards. These cards are made by a company called MOO. They are well made little cards and plus they only cost me shipping for 100.
Watercolor, and Pigment Markers.


  1. Those look awesome! You can totally design business cards for me, too.


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