A few weeks ago, I had some severe chest pain, so I left work early to go to urgent care. The chest pain was on the left side, so I was concerned that there could be something wrong with my heart. They did an EKG and an x-ray and found that my heart was perfectly healthy. Turns out that I had probably pulled a muscle in my chest by singing. Weird.

The whole incident scared me. It is interesting how much of a difference such a small part makes. I was inspired to start project that would help me think through the concept of the heart and heartbeat.

I used mostly color pencils. I used the Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils and the Koh-I-Noor Progresso Woodless Colored Pencils. I just recently got the woodless color pencils. I'm sure that I'll be using them some more.

 And, yes that is Hey Arnold! playing in on the screen. I have rigged a GPS holder onto my drafting table, so that it can hold my tablet on the upper right corner. Now I can draw even longer with the power of awesome cartoons from the 90's. I honestly don't know how kids these days are putting up with the Annoying Orange... Don't even get me started.

I used a cotton swab, dipped in India Ink to cover all the black areas.

If anyone is interested in purchasing this for a reasonable price, please contact me at abesmailbox@gmail.com

Good night!


  1. Brilliant! Great job; the black is striking.

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