My attempt at Hyper-realism.

So...photorealism. This is, to me, the stuff that I see at art galleries that completely intimidate me. Drawings and paintings that look so realistic that you are sure that it is a photograph, until you see that it says "graphite pencil" or "oil on canvas". Recently, I've been trying to approach that style. What better way to learn something than by YouTube-ing it. So I YouTubed some stuff and came up with this video:

I can't afford to do oil paintings, plus I'm not very good at it, so this colored pencils method really seem ideal. Here's what I was able to come up with in about 4 hours collectively:

I got a original photograph from google image searching "apple". Surprisingly, you get more Apple logos than actual apples.

Here's the original photo:

Original Photograph from Wikipedia
My apple drawing created using colored pencils .
In the end, it isn't perfect. When you really look at it, you can tell that it's been drawn, but I'm trying. Oh well. It was a fun little project. I'll post more as I get more time. 


  1. This almost makes me want an apple, except I don't really like apples.

  2. Hey! That makes your drawing more impressive - that I want an apple when I don't even like them.

    1. An apple a day keeps the something something..


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