Day 71: Stabbed in the fruit!

This page is based on a true story.

My friend, Jeremy, and I were driving somewhere. We got lost and had to make a u-turn. While we were in the motions of a quality u-turn, my keen eyes spotted something bright and green in the middle of an empty parking lot. We were curious young people, so we walked over there to looked at it. It is a strange looking fruit with bumps all over it. It was a bright green color. Neither of us had ever seen something like this before, so we kicked it around then finally I stabbed it with my car keys. The weird fruit started to ooze a sticky fluid, so we proceeded to smash the thing with out feet and it split open. Our curiosity was quenched, so we moved on.

Later, I asked a Missouri native about the fruit that we saw and destroyed. He told me that these things were called "hedge apples". Interesting fruit. Apparently, they help keep your clothes smelling good if you leave one in your closet. They also repel mosquitos.

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